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Study on the Dyeing Performances of Jute Fabrics Dyed with Extracted Natural Dyes from Jackfruit Leaf and Teak Leaf


Islam, Ariful; Iqbal, Asib; Khatun, Mahmuda; Sultana, Nayer


Firstly, used hydrogen peroxide in traditional method for Scouring and bleaching process. Then for grey jute fabrics are dyed by individually natural colors which was extracted from jackfruit and teak leaves. After that, lighter shade is being obtained without any adding mordant and then observed that amount of dye taking up being increased with increasing percentage of mordant. The color output was enhanced by mordanting potash Alum. We know small entrepreneurs’ craftsmen are very much interested to make some aesthetic products by jute fibre and fabric as since as those are being lucrative in small cottage, nest, sandal etc. by jute fibre and fabric. So here color fastness is much necessary and color fastness work are compared between teak leafs and jackfruits leafs.


Jute, Natural dye, Teak leafs, Jackfruit leaf’s

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