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A Study on Influence of Core Wall in Frame Structure Under Seismic Load


Barua, Saurav; Sultana, Rabaka


Seismic load is crucial for the structural design of multistoried buildings. The study delves to evaluate performance of core wall in the building frame under seismic loading. Two models are compared in this research. One is typical frame structure without any shear wall i.e. model 1 and another one is frame structure with core wall, i.e. model 2. The study found that frame structure with core wall (model 2) have much lower story drift in comparison with frame structure without shear wall (model 1). Vis-à-vis, frame structure with core wall (model 2) experiences lower column reactions, shear forces, base shear and overturning moments compare to the frame structure without shear wall (model 1) under seismic load. Therefore, the core wall incorporated in multistoried building plan can against withstand seismic load with better performance.


Core wall, building frame, seismic load, Bangladesh National Building Code 2017, drift.

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